杭州萧山防水停车场旧地坪创新改造 Wear-resisting floorIn construction, the wear-resistant aggregate is completely in the concrete surface layer, and the construction is synchronous with the concrete construction. After completion of construction and concrete, the final product is the appearance of concrete. But at this time the concrete will not appear to be prone to problems, such as: after a period of weathering, powder, oxidation, rough surface, easy to dust, not resistant to acid and alkali, not resistant to oil pollution, etc.. Flooring industry in China started late, since the reform and opening up in the last century, the domestic flooring industry has experienced a very good development period. With the comprehensive improvement of our national economy, in recent years, flooring industry also in the rapid development, the with its excellent performance characteristics, widely used in electronic, mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other various industries.Flooring industry investment is small, large returns, so more of the Enterprise Inc to actively invest in this industry. Civil construction enterprises, building materials production enterprises, decoration engineering companies have joined the ranks of the floor industry. Because the industry is facing the increasingly wide range, so the needs of practitioners are also more and more, which determines the low quality of the flooring industry construction personnel technology, safety awareness is weak, industry standard knowledge lack of. Shijiazhuang old housekeeper Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is committed to in the flooring industry for many years and have a professional construction team, has accumulated rich experience in the construction below industry colleagues to remind some security risks and preventive measures, hope to promote the development of domestic flooring industry. Contact: 4oo-o7o9-91o1 safety power. In the floor construction process, often need to use electricity, and sometimes need more types of cross construction, the rate of electric shock reached 20%. Therefore, it is necessary to have specialized personnel responsible for the power of the electricity, the equipment line of broken wires to be timely processing.2 avoid fire. Floor paint and other flammable chemicals, in the application and storage process, should be avoided and fire together.3 prevent poisoning. Floor paint, a variety of pigments additives and other chemical products. Containing different doses of toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, and so on, they are volatile toxic gases, long time inhalation of these gases, mild nausea, vomiting, severe cases can have life risk. So during the construction process, should wear masks, gloves, goggles and other protective equipment. The scene also should be ventilated.4 avoid mechanical damage. In the floor coating process, often used in grinding machines, cutting machines and other mechanical equipment, to be familiar with the use of its operating mode, and enhance the safety awareness of each employee and professional technical knowledgeConcrete curing agent floorConstruction must first wait for the complete solidification of concrete construction, the construction must ensure that the concrete is completely dry, usually after the maintenance of concrete construction about 28 days after the construction of curing agent. Curing agent completely infiltrated into the concrete and concrete, the final product is also the original appearance of concrete. But at this time the concrete has formed a compact overall, penetration resistance, compression, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali salt corrosion, can not afford to ash, no need to maintain and maintenance.To sum up, wear resistant floors and concrete seal curing agent floor similarities there are indeed many and in todays construction, many customers choose two together construction, namely wear-resisting flooring and curing agent construction, to form a more compact entity, more powerful, service life is much longer.耐磨地坪 施工时耐磨骨料彻底被深化混凝土表层,施工是和混凝土同步施工的。施工完工后与混凝土融为一体,较后的制品便是混凝土的姿态。但在此刻混凝土就不会呈现本来简单呈现的问题,比方:用一段时间后呈现风化,粉化,氧化,外表粗糙,简单起尘,不耐酸碱,不耐油污等。 地坪职业在我国起步较晚,自上个世纪改革开放以来,国内地坪职业才阅历了一个很好的开展时期。跟着咱们国民经济的归纳进步,近几年来,地坪职业也在迅速开展,其以本身优异的功能特色,广泛使用于电子,机械,化工,医药,食物等各个职业。 地坪职业出资小,报答大,所以更多的企业公司活跃投入到这个职业中来。土建施工企业,建材出产企业,装修工程企业等都连续参加地坪职业部队。因为这个职业面向的规模越来越广,所以需求的从业人员也比较多,这就决议了地坪职业施工人员的技能本质低,安全认识单薄,职业标准常识缺少等特色。石家庄老管家装修工程有限公司致力于地坪职业多年,具有专业的施工部队,积累了丰厚的施工经历,下面向职业同仁提示一些安全隐患及防护办法,期望推进国内地坪职业的开展。联络:4oo-o7o9-91o 1.安全用电。在地坪施工过程中,常常需求运用电力,有时候需多工种穿插施工,触电发生率达20%。因而,需有专业人员专门担任接电断电,对设备线路呈现破损的电线要进行及时的处理。 2.防止火灾。地坪漆等多是易燃化学品,在使用和寄存过程中,应防止和火源放在一同。 3.防止中毒。地坪漆,各种颜料添加剂等属化工产品。含有不同剂量的甲苯,二甲苯,醋酸乙酯等,它们是挥发性有毒气体,长期吸入这些气体,轻者感觉厌恶,吐逆,重者会有生命危险。所以在施工过程中,应佩带口罩,手套,护目镜等保护用品。现场也要通风。 4.防止机械损伤。在地坪涂装过程中,常常用到打磨机,切割机等机械设备,运用前要了解其操作形式,增强每个职工的安全防备认识和专业技能常识混凝土固化剂地坪 施工时有必要先等混凝土彻底凝结后施工,施工前有必要保证混凝土彻底枯燥,一般是混凝土施工后保护28天左右后再施工固化剂。固化剂彻底浸透进混凝土与混凝土融为一体,较后的制品也是混凝土本来的姿态。可是此刻的混凝土现已构成密实的全体,抗浸透,抗压,耐磨,耐酸碱盐的腐蚀,不起灰,无需保护和保养。综上所述,耐磨地坪和混凝土密封固化剂地坪的相似之处的确有许多,并且在现在的施工中,许多顾客都挑选两种结合起来施工,即耐磨地坪和固化剂一同施工,构成更细密的实体,功能更强壮,运用寿命也更长。